AthleteSource CASTING

Casting Director for Sports and Active Lifestyle & Fitness Talent

Commercial, Print, Television, and Film Industries

Owned and operated by 3-time Olympian Tracy Evans, AthleteSource CASTING is the Premier Sports and Active Lifestyle Casting and Consulting Specialist in the Commercial, Print, Television, and Film industries!

Why AthleteSource CASTING?

Eye For Talent

Olympian Tracy Evans’ lifelong exposure to and background in sports provides her with an excellent eye for athletic talent of all skill levels and sports. Depending on your project, Tracy can find and audition a weekend warrior (recreational) athlete, a professional or Olympic level athlete, or an active lifestyle or fitness talent – and anything in between.

Tracy has created a special niche in finding and auditioning athletic talent that includes:

  • All skill levels
  • All ages
  • All sports; Traditional, Olympic, Water and Action
  • Fitness
  • Active lifestyles
  • Real People
  • Active or sporty kids

Tracy always keeps in mind, regardless of skill level, the importance of having the talent properly portray the sport or athletic skill as authentically and true to form as possible.

VIP Access

Tired of seeing the same athletic talent over and over again? AthleteSource CASTING doesn’t have to rely solely on talent agencies to provide athletes for casting. Tracy’s extensive background and the relationships she has built over the years give her instant credibility and access to new faces and up-and-coming athletic talent, including Olympians and professional athletes – a valuable edge none of Tracy’s competition shares!

NCAA REGS/Olympics/Eligibility

As a lifelong athlete herself, Tracy understands the ins and outs of casting athletic talent, including NCAA and Olympic rules and regulations, as well as effects on eligibility. AthleteSource CASTING understands and will take great care to never jeopardize an athlete’s eligibility or scholarship opportunities.

Casting From Coast to Coast

Tracy Evans’ Olympic background and connections allow her to cast Sports and Active Lifestyle talent from all over the country, not just here in Los Angeles. We can even help find International talent.

Sports Consulting

AthleteSource is also pleased to provide Sports Consulting. With our extensive knowledge of production, advertising and sports, we are able to assist you with research, storyboard ideas, location scouting, technical advice, stunt coordinating, and more. For more information, check out our Services page. 

To learn more about casting Sports and Active Lifestyle talent with AthleteSource, contact us today. We look forward to working with you!

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