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AthleteSource CASTING is proud to offer the following professional services to our valued clients, Production Companies and Advertising Agencies:


Casting Director and 3-Time Olympian Tracy Evans is unmatched in her ability to cast true Sports and Active Lifestyle talent to authentically and accurately portray each sport for your Commercial, Print, Film or TV project. Tracy’s credibility and ties to athletes of all ages and skill levels from all over the country allow her to cast the perfect talent for your project.

From children to high school to college to pro and Olympic athletes, Tracy has the connections, experience, and know-how to beautifully and artfully capture the sport at hand. And, with Tracy’s keen eye for talent and connections to athletes and facilities nationwide, AthleteSource CASTING can help minimize your prep, audition, and callback process.

Tracy continues to prove that AthleteSource CASTING is the Premier Sports and Active Lifestyle Casting & Consulting Specialist in the Commercial, Print, TV and Film Industries.

Tracy’s niche in finding and auditioning athletic talent includes:

  • All skill levels
  • All ages
  • All sports; Traditional, Olympic, Water and Action
  • Fitness
  • Active Lifestyles
  • Real People
  • Active or sporty kids

Sports Consulting

Through her extensive background and knowledge, Tracy Evans is also able to provide Sports Consulting to Production Companies and Ad Agencies. Her network of relationships and affiliations – to athletes, coaches, colleges and universities, organizations, and facilities – spans the country and all levels of athletics.

Sports Consulting Services to Production Companies:

Assistance, Advice and Research with Bidding Stage

AthleteSource will assist the Head of Production, Producer, Bidder, or Production Manager with the bidding stage of the project by providing fast, accurate research on talent and/or sports featured in the project, and assessing and recommending locations, technical advisors and stunt coordinators to best meet the Production Company’s needs.

Athlete/Talent Production Liaison

After casting is completed and talent has been booked or other support services employed, AthleteSource can assist you with informing the talent of shoot information, call times and wardrobe; handling Taft-Hartley/SAG contracts; and communicating with talent’s agent.

On shoot day, we can assist with all the details, from making sure the talent is where they should be, when they should be (and ensuring their safety), wardrobe, makeup, location, and relaying suggestions or hiccups between Production (or Technical Advisor or Stunt Coordinator) and talent.


AthleteSource can perform or assist with finding, assessing and recommending locations for your production. We can also help you find a location scout that will best suit your production needs.

Technical Advice/Stunt Coordinating

We are able to recommend experienced, sport-specific Technical Advisors and Stunt Coordinators, and advise or assist the Director with regard to enhancing and expediting shooting and helping perfect the stunts to increase the visual impact for the best production possible.

Sports Consulting Services to Advertising Agencies:

  • Storyboard Ideas
  • Sport-Specific Research
  • Suggestions on how to use new and unique sports
  • Flexible and creative solutions for your clients

Let AthleteSource CASTING’s expertise help you create or get the bid today! Contact us – we look forward to assisting you!

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