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Kellogg’s 2012 Olympic Spot (Swimmers)
VISA 2012 Olympic Spot (Platform Divers)
Bravo Summer Games Promo (Gymnast, Polevault, Platform Diver)
P&G -Gillette 2012 Olympic (Summer sports)
Softbank (Tennis)
Huawei (Senior Runner)
Jeep Winter X-Games (Snowboarder)
Canon EOS (Boxers)
Cartoon Network Promo (Cheerleaders)
Adidas & Dick’s Sporting Goods (Basketball, Football, Soccer)
Dish Network (Hockey)
Icon Fitness Infomercial; Weider, Pro-Form (Fitness professionals)
Jack in the Box (Soccer)
John Deere (ATV Drivers)
Kewpie Defe (Football)
Kirin Tanrei (Dancers, Trampolinists, Gymnasts)
Nike (Soccer, Basketball, BMX, Skateboard, Dance)
Nike – Live show, Unveiling of NCAA basketball uniforms (Basketball)
Pacific Life (Beach Volleyball, Football, Basketball)
Takeda (Soccer, Basketball, Football)
TDK (Sprinter, Pole Vault, Shot put, Marathon runner)
Versus NHL Promo (Hockey)
Ben Hogan’s Interactive DVD (Golfers)
Best Buy (Real People)
Icon Fitness- Ab Glider (Fitness, Speaking Role)
Gatorade (Tennis Players)
Xerox (Figure Skaters)
Campino Candy (Synchronized Swimmers)
Asian Games (Divers, Archers, Karate, Hurdlers, Swimmers, Gymnasts)
Fox Promo (Basketball Players)
Home Depot– National Spot (2006 Olympics)
Exxon/Mobile– National Spot (2006 Olympics)
Cingular- Japan (Soccer)
Xerox- Japan (Basketball)
1-800 Collect– National Spot (Skateboarder)
Aloe Up Suncare– National Spot (Skiing)
American Century– National Spot (Swimmer)
AT&T Wireless-National Spot (2002 Olympics)
AT&T– National Spot (Hurdler)
Capri Sun– National Spot (Skateboarder)
Chevrolet– Featuring the U.S. Ski Team, National Spot (Freestyle Aerials)
Ford Motor Company– National Spot (Freeskiing)

Ford Motor Company– National Spot (Skiing)
Gatorade National Commercial (Beach Volleyball and Steeplechase Runner)
GoGurt– National Spot (Snowboard Trampoline, Technical Advising, Stunt Coord.)
Heath Sensations– “A Bit Different”, National Spot (Ski Jumping)
ING– National Commercial (Figure Skaters)
Minute Maid– National Spot (Snowboarding)
Mountain Dew– National Spot “Show Stopper” (Skateboarding)
Mountain Dew– National Spot “Mock Opera” (MotoCross)
Mountain Dew– “Thank Heaven for Little Girls”, National spot (Snowboarding)
NBC Network– 2006 Olympic Promo (Ski/Snowboard)
NBC Network– Olympic National spot (Torch Runner)
Nautica– Cable commercial- (Wakeskater)
Nike– National/International (Trampoline)
Nike– National Commercial (Track and Field)
Nike– European Spot (Skateboarder)
Nissan– National Spot (Mountain Biking, Big Mountain Snowboarding
Nutrasweet– National Spot (Freestyle Aerials)
Propel Fitness Water– National (Track and Field)
Rossignol Ski Corp. USA– National Spot
Samsung Electronics– “Ski Jump” International Spot (Ski Jumping)
Samsung Wireless Service– Olympic National TV Spot (Sprinter)
Sea Doo– National Spot (Wakeboarding)
Sprint– OlympicNational Spot (Stunt Coordinator and Stuntman)
Steamboat Springs Resort– National Spot (Skiing)
Subaru– National Spot (Whitewater Kayaking)
The Canyons– National Spot (Skiing)
Toyota Trucks– National (Baseball and Track and Field)
United States Olympic Committee– National Spot (Freestyle Aerials)
UPS– National Spot (Skateboarder)
Valeo Sportbelts– National Spot (Skiing)
VISA– “Windtunnel,” National Spot (Ski Jumping)
VISA- National Spot (Track and Field-Javelin/Runner)
VISA– Olympic, National Spot (Freestyle Aerials)
World Extreme Records– UPN TV Pilot (Extreme Kayaking *Set World Record)
Wrigley’s Gum-Doublemint Gum– National Spot (Trampoline and Acrobatics)


Powerade (Basketball)
Smart Wool (Outdoor active lifestyle; skate ski, alpine skiing, snowboard, telemark and
TDK (Hurdler)
Chevy Avalanche Print (Active Lifestyle -Real People)
Nike National (Basketball Players)
Adidas Eyewear– National
Avalanche Snowboards– National
Baby Ruth (Baseball Player)
Bula– National
Chevy Trucks Annual Catalog (Ski Jumping)
Cold As Ice Clothing– National (Snowboarding)
Copper Mountain Ski Resort– Regional (Snowboarding)
Men’s Journal – January Issue (Park City, UT Real People)
Da Kine– National
FILA– National
Freestyle Watches– National
J Crew– National
J Crew– Olympic advertising used throughout Japan (Snowboarding)
Jet Pilot– National
Lycra– World Wide (Swimmer)
Mervyns– National, local and in-store
Mild Seven Times (Asian Watches), Int’l (Mountain Bike)
Mistral Snowboards– Two National advertisements
Nikon– Catalog (Track and Field and Soccer)
Patagonia Annual Catalog
RPS Delivery– International
Ray Ban Catalog- Olympic Edition (Ski Jumping)
Rossignol Skis– National
Samsung Electronics– “Ski Jump” International (Ski Jumping)
Snickers– National (Mountain Biking)
Spoon Watches– National (Wakeboarding)
Spyder– Local and National (Skiing)
TAG Heuer Watches– National (Trampoline)
K2 Snowboards– National (Snowboard)
Vans– National (Wakeboarding)
Visa– National (Ski and Ski Jumping)


Red Sky Productions – Snow Blind (Snowboard)
Disney – Johnny Tsunami (Backcountry Skiing, Stunt)
IMAX – Extreme (Stunt/Big Mountain Skiing)
Tri-Star Pictures – Snowboard Academy (Skiing, Stunt)
Last Resort (Stunt/Freeskiing)
James Glickenhouse – Time Masters (Ski Stunt Coordination, Stunt Skiing,
Halloween 5 (Gymnastic Stunt)
Ski Patrol (stunt/Freestyle Skiing)

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