Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Talent Agency?

AthleteSource CASTING is not a talent agency. We do not represent any talent. Tracy Evans is a Casting Director, the person you would be scheduled to come in and see to audition for a part in a Commercial, Film, TV or Print project. We work with all levels of Sports and Active Lifestyle talent, and we also cast Real People, Kids and more for all sports-related projects.

AthleteSource also provides Sports Consulting for Ad Agencies and Production Companies. We can assist with storyboards, research, location scouting, technical advising and stunt coordinating, and acting as talent-production liaison.

Can I send you my Talent resume?

We accept Talent resumes of real athletes or Athletic/Fitness talent only. We do not keep any
actors on file.

If you qualify as a real athlete or Athletic/Fitness talent, we would be happy to add you to our database and keep you posted on future projects we are casting; however, AthleteSource CASTING does not represent any talent.

Do you recommend any talent agencies?

We do not endorse any particular Talent Agency, but here are a few Agencies you are free to contact if you so desire:

World Class Sports (Andy Woolf)

KSR Action Aces (Heidi Hydar)

NTA (Nick Terzian)

How can I be ready for an audition?

1) Come prepared, on time, warmed up (if applicable), and dressed in the requested attire.
Be patient, as sports casting auditions typically take longer than expected.

2) When it comes to a sports audition, be sure you are qualified for the role you are auditioning for.

3) BRING YOUR BAR CODE. If you don’t have one, simply sign up for a bar code on Casting Frontier (it’s FREE). All talent needs to have this bar code for any and all auditions so clients can review their audition.

Do you only cast elite, professional athletes?

No, AthleteSource CASTING has created a specialized niche for finding and auditioning athletic talent that includes:

  • All skill levels
  • All ages
  • All sports
  • Fitness
  • Active Lifestyles
  • Real People
  • Active or sporty kids

We know the ins and outs of NCAA and Olympic regulations and take great care to never jeopardize an athlete’s eligibility or scholarship opportunities.

Do you only cast in Los Angeles?

Though most of AthleteSource CASTING  takes place in Los Angeles, we are not limited to just the Los Angeles area – we can and have cast Sports and Active Lifestyle talent from coast to coast, including New York, Utah, Arizona, and Oregon. We can also help find International talent! 

What about my NCAA eligibility?

Three-time Olympian Tracy Evans knows all the logistics and ins and outs associated with collegiate, professional and Olympic sports and how eligibility and scholarships may be affected by participation in Print, Commercial, TV and Film productions.

AthleteSource CASTING is very sensitive to every athlete’s potential career and takes great care to never do anything that may jeopardize an athlete’s NCAA eligibility, amateur status or scholarship opportunities.


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